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コメント (297):

4 years ago
He looks like vin diesel
uh.. 4 years ago
I think she has herpes. LOL.
lmao 4 years ago
the back of this nigga head look like a triple burger from burger king
H8ter 4 years ago
Lol. Old marshmallow dick still making porn
Sam 4 years ago
After a long absence racist comments are back!
damn 4 years ago
Fuck I think she’s dead now lol
Have fun 4 years ago
This chick has herpes sores on the bottom right side(looking at her) of her pussy. Gross
3 years ago
Yep, definitely herpes pimples
4 years ago
Not real. His cock has been pumped. I've worked on hundreds of movies where black and white guys have their cocks pumped. Usually means they can't quite get fully hard. It's a big con but still stupid females think it's real. Quite funny really that they are so gullible. BTW I don't perform in the movies, I just film them.
Your mom 4 years ago
Guy looks like the alien from mac and me